Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Recap:: Detroit

Dave had the weekend off, so we headed north and had a fun weekend in the Detroit area. We spent Friday night at Joanne and Gary's. Aiden was looking forward to "playing toys at Auntie Joanne's." He said that many times on our way to their house. :) 

The boys were pumped to push strollers around... and around and around. 

On Saturday, Kathleen took Aiden and Anders for the night (!!!) so Dave and I could have a night away. We went to the Tigers game first. 

It's been three years since we went to Comerica Park. It was great being back! We didn't have tickets and found a good deal from resellers. $40 for seats in the third row between home & the dugout! Unreal seats! Here's a picture of Justin Upton batting while Miggy is on deck. No zoom on my camera for this picture! 

Us two with Miggy! 

It was such a beautiful day for a baseball game. It said only 52 degrees, but we were sheltered from any wind and had the sun shining on us the whole time. I got a little burnt. 

Joanne & Gary joined us for the game. Afterward, we walked a few blocks to Angela's Italian Bistro. Delicious! 

We went to our hotel after that. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront, and our room was on the 24th floor. Such awesome views up there! 

After that quick stop in our hotel we headed out to walk along the riverfront and check out Detroit. 

The Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario was to our south. 

We walked north toward the Renaissance Center. We found many statues, fountains, and parks. It was clean and so much more than we ever expected to find in Detroit. Detroit gets such a bad rap, but from our experience it is a great city! 

The Shell Eco-Marathon was going on all around our hotel while we were there. Different schools built these prototype vehicles and they raced and measured gas consumption. The winner of the weekend competition gets to go to London to compete in a bigger competition. It was fun to see so many kids excited about science and engineering. 

A great sunset from the 24th floor. 

We were hungry so we went for a late walk and found some food. Such an indulgence! 
I was excited to see the Spirit of Detroit statue. I've seen it in photos a lot, so it was fun to see it in person. 

Night time in the city. :) 

On Sunday we did some more walking around the city. It's spring time in Detroit. 

The Musical Swings are in Detroit for about a month. It's a traveling display and so cool! Each swing makes the sound of one of four instruments when you swing. Of course we tried it out! 

Detroit really is a fun city to walk around and explore! 

We left the city around noon, found a delicious lunch (at The Big Salad) in Novi, then met Kathleen and Tyler to pick up the boys. Then it was time to head south. 
We had such a great weekend so it was hard to leave. Until next time! 

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