Thursday, March 22, 2007

Appreciating #14

Good news everyone!! The NY Rangers and their fans appreciate Brendan Shanahan! Back in the summer when I heard that he signed with the Rangers, I was shocked... and I thought that they weren't going to realize how good he is, that fans outside of Detroit wouldn't love him, or really appreciate him. Last night was his first night back after being injured a couple of weeks ago. You should've heard the Garden when he stepped on the ice for his first shift. It was so loud, it sounded like the Rangers had just scored! Then throughout the whole night whenever he had a shot on goal, or touched the puck on a rush up the ice, it got super loud again. When they announced his assists, again: the place was rocking! They love Shanahan there! (The noise after his assist was even louder than when they announced Jagr's goal!)
I told Mason that I'm glad they appreciate him (even though I still wish he was a WING).

On a different note: I haven't been all that impressed by Jagr (watching him when I was there in February, or on tv), but last night he was very impressive. Although he was stoned by Niittymaki (the Flyers goalie, probably the highlight of his [Niittymaki's] career) on a breakaway, he still had a goal and many other GREAT shots. Sorry, David! Oh yeah, he also is the first NHL player ever to score 25 or more goals in 16 straight seasons. Wow.

My three "favorite" Rangers are (obviously) Shanahan, Sean Avery, and Ryan Callahan. Shanahan and Avery because they are former Wings, and I saw Callahan play when he was on the Hartford Wolfpack, and he was amazing! So it was really fun to watch him play last night for the Rangers (he just got called up within the past couple of weeks)... he's really good! All 3 played on the same line last night! It was a really fun line to watch, and they scored 2 goals.
PS The Rangers beat the Flyers 5 - 0.

It's 60 degrees here, and the snow is melting! Yea :) It's supposed to be warm all weekend, so hopefully it'll be Spring!


james said...

Did you see the fight where fedorek got knocked out? is it true that the ice level at msg is on the 5th floor?

Karen AMH said...

Yep, we saw the fight... 21 seconds into the game. It looked bad. Did you hear the background on it? Fedorek apparently got rough with Jagr the last time these two played... so they put Orr into the lineup to be an "enforcer." In Orr's first shift after the major penalty, someone from Philadelphia went after him... It was a physical first period!!
I don't know if it's the 5th floor, but you go up a few escalators from the street to get into the Garden.

Heidi said...

That's sweet that you posted these pictures of shanahan! I love him and I love hearing about him!