Sunday, March 25, 2007

I love Philadelphia!!

Good evening! I'm just taking a couple of minutes to say what an AWESOME day I had today!! Tamara, Katharina, Sarah, Ellen, and I went to Philadelphia for the day, and I absolutely loved it! It is such a cool city, especially since I love history so much. It was amazing! There is so much history. I can't wait to go back! I'll write more later about everything we did, and about some of our adventures.
We didn't end up going to Boston (obviously) because there was snow in the forecast. We'll head up there on a Sunday in April or May probably. It was sunny and beautiful in Philadelphia, so we all felt like we made the right choice.
As we were driving home this evening, I realized it's my 5 month "anniversary" out here. I moved on October 25th. Hard to belive it's been that long. But then again, I'm really familiar with my surroundings (lots of Fairfield County and NYC), so I guess that means I've been here awhile.
I heard there's a tornado warning at home. Weird, weird weather!

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