Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beautiful Spring!

Right now there's a first for me --- it's 4:30 and none of the boys are home! Marcy and I hardly know what to do! It feels weird, but I'll gladly take the extra time to update this!

I know Spring doesn't officially begin until tomorrow, but today really feels like the beginning of Spring! It's 50 degrees out, the snow is melting, and the sun is shining! The Sound was deep blue and glistening as I was working out this afternoon... made me want to go swimming! A little too cold though.
I'm going to the NY Ranger game tomorrow vs. Philadelphia. I'm taking Mason... it'll be fun but I was hoping they'd be playing someone from the Western Conference. Still, I'm looking forward to it.
Tamara, Katharina, and I decided last night that we're going to go to Boston on Sunday for the day. It'll be a long day, but should be fun! They've never been there, so I think I might be playing tour guide. I'm hoping to see some parts of Boston I haven't been to. Does anyone have any recommendations for us? Jim~ you and Lynne should come down and meet us for dinner or something! :)
Hope everyone's having a good week!

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