Saturday, April 7, 2007

Time on my hands

I sort of have some time on my hands right now... the boys are playing all around the house right now so I'm updating you all on my week. We had a CRAZY Tuesday. Seriously! But it went well. The Real Estate people came here for tours in the afternoon, so all morning Marcy and I scrambled around the house (and town), doing last minute things to get the house ready to look at. Then they had meetings here in the evening, so I had the boys. We went out for dinner, to a park (Mason had baseball), then to Baskin Robbins (ice cream -- yum!!). As we were eating our ice cream, we noticed a sign that said "Buy 1 Sundae, get one free every Tuesday." and it was, indeed, Tuesday. and we were just eating ice cream cones. Totally missed out on that one! Martina McBride was on the Today Show that morning. I didn't get to go, so I'm trying not to think about what I missed out on.
I got the night off last night!! So Tamara, Ellen, and I went out for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's, then went shopping! None of us got much (I just got 2 pairs of flip-flops), but we enjoyed hanging out. I talked to Kelly on the phone for a bit, also Mom and Michelle. Then I got home and joined in on a therapy session... :) That's when Marcy suggested I leave for New Hampshire today instead of tomorrow! So I get to leave soon to go and see them. I'm excited to spend a few days with some Helminens!

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