Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The camp!!

It's the end of August and I have spent virtually no time at the camp this month. How sad is that. Seriously. It's making me really sad. When I'm so busy with work I don't think about it, but I just saw someone's photos of b-e-a-utiful days out there and now it's hard... but maybe Sunday I can get out there. Everyday until then is BUSYYYYY and my friends are probably going camping. But I might just have my last end-of-summer fling at the camp. relaxing. If I have time.

But I love my job!

Can you tell I'm torn?
And on that note, it's after 8:00pm and I'm just leaving work ("signed out" a few minutes ago so I could check this before I leave). g'night y'all :)

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