Thursday, August 21, 2008

Haha, here they are!

So I just wrote about how lame I am that I don't have any photos up from my trip. Well, I realized that David had some of his up on f so I'm "borrowing" them from him... Here they are, in bad (chronological) order

We saw the Jonas Brothers' Bus at MSG. Covered in girls names and phone numbers and things like "I LOVE YOU JOE!" (is that one of their names?)

Brother and sister at GCT

The Olympics were going on... I think it was Michael Phelps' first gold medal of these games. (In Times Square)

It's the last year for SHEA.

You can see Citi Field just beyond right field. It looks really nice!

One of my favorite things of the day (besides seeing my "big" little brother). the NYPD doing a drill on the Brooklyn Bridge! (You can see their commander in the foreground watching them...) Weak knees anyone?

David riding the bull :) Everyone else was going up to it, standing by it, putting their arms around, etc. Not Dave! He jumped right up! (When we were walking away, I saw a couple of people try to jump up there, but it's higher than it looks. They didn't make it.)

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