Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Constitution Day!

Here's the teacher in me coming out:

Take a minute today and think about what the Constitution means to you! 221 years ago today (September 17), the United States Constitution was signed by all of the delegates (55 to be exact) in Independence Hall, Philadelphia. It's the government that was set up the best way those men knew (it took them almost 5 months to complete), and it has lasted for us through thick and thin. It really is an amazing document if you think about how life was back then, and realize it still works for us today, in this world so different from the one 221 years ago.

Anyway. Just wanted to throw that out there, maybe make you think for a few seconds about it.

Today was much better than yesterday! I won't say it was the "best day" ever, but I'm figuring out some new things, and defining who I am as a teacher. I figured out a few new things today that work for me, and none of yesterday's craziness carried over. (THANKFULLY!!!!) I have a workshop tomorrow, so I spent most of today figuring out how to be on this end of having a substitute teacher. I was a sub for almost two years, so I definitely know what it's like to be on that end. I've never been the person writing the plans and preparing the students, though. That was a new one.

My laptop came in today! I'm excited about that so I can do some work from home on the weekends so I'll have maybe one day every week that I don't physically go to the school.

On another note, I was just realizing that out of the past 31 days, I've had one day that I didn't work. So one day off in an entire month. The reason I'm still functioning is that 8:30 bedtime I talked about before. I feel nice and refreshed and rested in the mornings, so I'm ready to go!

That's all for now. Once again, HAPPY CONSTITUTION DAY!!! :)

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