Monday, September 15, 2008

Just to give you an idea....

Here's this week for me:
United States History: Changes in transportation, communication, commerce, political boundaries, immigration, migration, population, foreign affairs, and goods produced between 1776 and 1870 in the United States.
Government: The Constitution
World History: The ancient dynasties and empires of China
Local History: Michigan achieves statehood
Civics: Roots of American government.

However... I'm also doing a presentation for Constitution Day on Wednesday (for the entire high school - grades seven through twelve), and I have a workshop to go to on Thursday. So I have to prepare for a sub. My first time -- I've always been on the other end of things!! This is weird! also, I feel like I'm not ready to "give my classes" to someone else. I feel like I want another month with them. Then I'll be ready to go to a workshop, or whatever. Oh well -- we'll see how they do with a substitute!

The teaching part is really fun!! I really do love teaching! :)


Pete said...

It's amazing how important history is to the rest of the world! :) I was looking at your list of subjects (especially empires of China), and wish I had paid more attn in school! The rest of the world expects you to know it!:) Have fun! Heidi

Amy L said...

Hopefully after all this prep the first year it will get A bit easier in the following years, so the work will be worth it right?