Saturday, September 20, 2008

This, that, and the other thing

Some randoms:
I'm getting sick. :( All week at school my students were back and forth to the Kleenex box, so I did whatever I could to stay away from the germs. But I guess it's not possible when there are so many germs floating around.

PowerAde ZERO. Have I ever mentioned how awesome it is? My friend Heather introduced me to it, and I'm pretty much addicted. I don't do sugar (except for the occasional mocha -- like once or twice a month), so the only things I can really drink are water and diet pop. and I don't really do caffeine, either. Water's great, but sometimes I would just crave something else to drink. PowerAde ZERO is delish, and it has no sugar! My students have actually been asking me about it lately because there's always some on my desk.

We're trying to plan our next family vacation. We have a few ideas about where it's going to be. (and when!) So hopefully within the next 8 or 9 months we'll have a week away with just the 17 of us :) [17 = two parents, ten kids, four spouses and one nephew]

Next week is the Wild West, Federalism, the Constitution, Natural Resources of Michigan, and Ancient Rome. Any ideas?! :)

I tried to plan a last minute night away with some of my sisters, to no avail.

I haven't watched any football today... and it seems strange.

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