Saturday, January 17, 2009

All over again

So basically I have to do what I just did all over again and it'll be the end of the year. and I'll have survived year one of teaching. The year they all say is the hardest, worst, and most challenging.

So far, I've survived
  • 17 weeks of lesson plans.
  • 17 weeks of figuring out something different to do every hour for six hours a day
  • My first field trip
  • My first parent-teacher conferences
  • My first formal observation
  • Teaching a class that has no curriculum -- you just have to "teach local history" or "teach current events"
  • Two presentations in front of the whole school
  • One month of strict, strict discipline
  • Two snow days :)
  • Running a school-wide election
  • Working with IEPs

Ack!!! I just realized I have to go --- I'm gonna be late for something... finish this later...

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Way to go Karen!!! Hope the remainder of the year goes smoothly for you now that you have half a year behind you! : )