Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am hopeful!

Being a history teacher on a day like today, I can't help but be hopeful. Are you?
He has so many promises to keep, such high expectations to go into. I don't know if it's possible for anyone to fulfill the expectations that are out there for him. I'm not envious, I'll tell you that much. No matter how awesome it'd be to live in the White House (can you imagine?!!! the HISTORY!!!), I can't begin to imagine the person it would take to be the leader of the most prosperous, powerful nation in the world. at a time like now.
I'm interested to see this change.

It was especially fun being a history teacher today. My students were sooo into it! "Who is that now?" "What are they talking about?" "What are they doing up there?" etc. and other things like "Bush wasn't invited to the lunch?!! I'd be MAD!"

Most of them thought George and Laura Bush were probably sad today. I told them I think they're relieved and ready to move on. Happy to "just" be American citizens.

In other news, I LOVE teaching Econ. So far. It is just so interesting! some of my students have already started commenting "I didn't know you could apply econ to every part of your life!" and other things like "are we supposed to be thinking like this in our regular lives?"
I think it's going to be a great semester!!!


Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Hey Historianista! You must be teaching your kids some great lessons! Can I come to your class? :) I feel I am more interested in history and its applications now more than ever. Yes, regardless of political affiliations, it was very exciting to hear the inauguration and historic. I am excited for the opportunity in the USA, if we choose to apply ourselves! Love ya! Have a great semester, Karen!

Becky said...

You have reason to be proud of yourself Karen, sounds like you're an awesome teacher and dedicated too!