Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5:30am phone calls

Who likes phone calls at 5:30am? I do, I do!!! It means one thing: a late start or no school... so I've appreciated my phone ringing at 5:30 both yesterday and today. This morning's call

Me: "Hello?"
Ms. K. "Guess what?"


Me: "What?"
Ms. K. "School is delayed! Go back to sleep!"

Then when I saw her during class today she apologized... and said what else would she be calling about at 5:30am.

Yesterday the snow was coming down like crazy. By the time I left school at 7:00, I couldn't open the doors of my car because the snow was piled up over them. I've never seen something like that before - that much snow during the day. Good thing I was wearing my snowpants! It took me about half an hour to uncover it and get out of the snowbank.


Anonymous said...
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Kelly said...

You should see if Liz can look up one on netflix for you. I think there are a couple out there on the topic.