Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just some randoms

  • Sometimes it dawns on me that I'm a teacher and I have to stop and think "wow... this is really my life..." then I realize I don't have time to reflect and I get back to work.
  • If you've known me awhile, then you know I don't have the best track record when it comes to sleeping at night. Not the best at all. Here's an example. I woke up this morning and thought to text my sister to say Happy Birthday. So I got my phone out... and noticed that I had already sent her one. at 2:04am. and what it said... I don't talk like that at all. I was flabbergasted!! I have absolutely no memory of sending this message. :S That's not all, by a long shot, but it's just a little taste...
  • I'm a looking-forward kind of person. I always have something in my mind that I'm looking forward to. I do try to enjoy the moment, enjoy today, etc. but sometimes what gets me through a long day or week is knowing what's coming up. Now: Monday the (February) 23rd I have a workshop, March 18th through 21st I'm going to Nashville, then April 3rd through the 12th I'm going to NYC, CT, New Hampshire, and to visit my sister and brother-in-law at the other end of the state. It's really helping to pass this longest/hardest first year of teaching.
  • Anyone been to Nashville? Ideas on what we have got to see when we're there?
  • My mom and dad are in Florida visiting my aunt and uncle, and my mom has been sending photos of the beach/ocean/AWESOME scenery every day. It's nice, but I'm getting a little jealous. It was 4 degrees on my way home from work, with negative 15 windchill. Yum.
  • Stay warm!


Megan Lorraine said...

I think that Brooke and Curt went to Nashville for their honeymoon.... other than that I don't know anyone who has been there. Sorry to hear that your still not sleeping great at night. :( I agree with you about looking forward to things though.
I'm looking forward to something every month til this baby is born, and that makes it seem bearable to go three more months. :)

Sarah said...

So... What did you text her, then? ; ) Hahah! I agree with needing something to look forward to. I always get through difficult/long days with thinking about something fun that's coming up. Always helps.

Amy L said...

That sleeping thing is interesting to me, but I know that it is not something that you enjoy living with.
I love having things to look forward to, also.
Happy Birthday to Kristin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy!
Karen!!! You HAVE TO go to The Grand Ol' Opery. This is a MUST do not skip!!! When I was there we took a dinner cruise on a river boat through downtown Nashville and beyond...southern food southern music...and you get to see parts of Nashville that you might not have been able to. We also went to "the red horse saloon" (I think thats the name..not sure) in downtown Nashville one night. There was a cool band playing and then the entire place got up and started LINE DANCING!! seriously fun to watch!At many of our meals, there were people playing different instruments for evening 2 pretty!!
anyways Thanks for the so different text made me laugh :)
love you ~ Kristin