Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have you checked your lights lately?

So I went out of town for the night on Friday with Liz and Kelly... Driving along, minding our own business and we got pulled over. (Yes, it was in Wisconsin. Something about the cops in Wisconsin.) We had no idea what for because I wasn't speeding. Not even 56 mph. So he came to the window.

Where are you going? (A.ton)
Why? (shopping)
Shopping for what? (scrapbook stuff...)
Isn't that pretty far to go for scrapbooking stuff? (no, we had to get away)
Where are you staying? (our hotel name)
Where? (repeat)
Huh. I've never heard of that one.

Can I see your license and registration?
Are you still living at ....?

Well, Karen, the reason I pulled you over is because the light that illuminates your license plate is out.

Me: Uhhhh. Okay?

So when he went back to the car with my information, we burst out laughing. Seriously? I got pulled over for that?


After about ten minutes (waaaaay longer than usual, and with us girls pretty much incredulous the whole time) he came back and said

Well, when you get home, have someone take a look at that. Have a good weekend shopping!

So, folks, if you're planning any trips to (or through) Wisconsin, make sure the light that illuminates your license plate is working.


Sarah said...

C'mon, Karen, don't you always check that little light before you take off on a trip??! Hahah! That's great. But what's up with him asking you a million questions?! Wow.

Laura Jean said...

I've heard about these legendary WI cops, but haven't had the pleasure of a pull-over. I heard they especially love MN drivers. Pulling over and ticketing them, I mean! :P

Megan Lorraine said...

I got a ticket in WI last year on the way to a wedding. It was a lady cop on a power trip, and was pretty brutal. But I've never heard of getting pulled over for the lisence plate light! He must have been either REALLY bored or something. :)

Amy L said...

SERIOUSLY!!! Like he had any business asking you where you were staying. I have a bit of an authority complex when it comes to those kinds of things. I am pretty sure that there are some old cars out there that do not even have lights over their plate. At least it is a good laugh for your trip.

Anna said...

That's funny. Once a while (almost 3 years already!) back when I was pregnant with Oliver, my sister and I had gone shopping about an hour away. On the way back, I got pulled over because my license plate was covered with snow. The cop was a real jerk, until he made me get out of the car to kick it off. Then, he got real sheepish real fast when a big bellied (8mo) pregnant lady had to get out on a freezing, windy, icy highway to kick snow off her license plate. He pretty much said "have a nice day" after that! Ha.