Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just to give you an idea

of how I'm spending my free time lately. I know I've talked about it, but pictures are so much better (I think).

Family picture! He's almost 14 months old now.

Lucky for us, he loves playing with his aunties!

The water was too frigid for him one day, so his mom and I dug a little pool for him. I think Kristin enjoyed it as much as Wesley!

He wants to walk everywhere! He's getting more and more confident on his feet and can go across the room without any help. He still needs a hand when walking on the sand or in the water.

Chilling out at the lake. Can life get better than this? :)
Today was sauna 'n swimming day #6 in a row. I'm thinking this is a personal best for me, and I'm planning on continuing tomorrow. Jim and Lynne made it to town today! They're here for 9 or so days and I think it might be their last one for awhile. She's due in November, so their lives are changing!
Jim, Kristin, Peter, and I went sauna and swimming together today. We were sitting in there thinking it's been at least ten years since we've all gone together. Maybe more. We were also remembering the days when 10-15 kids would pack the sauna. Instead it was just the four of us. What a great day!


Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Adorable! You are such a good auntie!
I love your last post "I must be dreaming"-so nice to be able to soak it all in.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! the one of Wesley in his little pool is absolutely adorable! -Greta