Thursday, July 30, 2009

East Coast Part 1

Someone reminded me today that I said I was going to have some pictures up yesterday. I was busy enjoying the camp, but here are some now. I only have the first couple of days' photos on my laptop so far, and here are a few highlights.

Karen, Liz, Karen after a very enjoyable seaside lunch in southern Maine.

Acadia National Park from the air

Bar Harbor and Bar Island from the air. The sandbar you can see is completely exposed during low tide and you can actually walk to the island. When we walked around Bar Harbor later we saw this but didn't end up checking out the island.

One of my must-dos for the trip was to eat at an outdoor restaurant. We did it twice!

It looks pretty cold out with the fog but it was in the mid 70s. This is in Acadia National Park.

One of the many fishing towns/harbors we visited.

Another one. There's something about these little harbors and inlets that I think is so peaceful and relaxing.

My travel partners, enjoying the sights.

I loved the lobster buoys all over the place. I wondered if there was any meaning to them at this particular restaurant, or just a cool local way to adorn the outside of the place.

One of the main streets in Bar Harbor.

It's late and I cannot remember the name of this town. It's across the river from Fort Knox, which we checked out after hours. It's the history-lover in me coming out... the gates were open so I didn't want to pass up a chance to check out a fort from the days of the Revolution.

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Elizabeth said... This is the website for the Fort Knox in Maine. The town is Penobscot, or at least that town is near the fort... There is also another Fort Knox in Florida where we hide all of our gold. I love history too!