Saturday, August 15, 2009

The last two weeks

Wow, I did not realize I haven't updated since August 3rd. Must be summer. or something.

First of all, Happy 64th Anniversary of V-J Day! Think of the celebrations across the US when Japan finally surrendered to officially end World War II. :)

My week away was awesome!! Especially the weekend when Dave was in town. We definitely took advantage of the time we had and did some cool things. Unfortunately the weekend went by way too quickly and he's gone again. How do people do these long distance relationships? We get to talk almost every day so I guess that's how people do it.

M and the babies came home with me on Monday and we've all been enjoying them all week. We've had good weather so lots of quality time at the camp. Lots of our relatives got to meet the babies for the first time this week and that was fun.

I'm thinking tomorrow's going to be a beach day. I have to enjoy these last few Sundays of summer vacation because they aren't so relaxing during the school year.

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