Friday, July 16, 2010

Not a good combination (or oh my, sore legs!)

I learned a new lesson today and yesterday. Starting a new workout + finishing up homework = not good.
Especially when the new workout is with my husband who likes to do these really intense workouts right from the start. No easing in.
and it's the end of the semester so all of the homework has to get done now.

So basically I'm talking about sitting in front of a computer writing, doing research, and reading for hours on end with extremely sore legs. Whenever I stand up it takes a little bit before I can actually walk because my legs aren't working with me right now. I'm trying to get up at least once an hour and stretch out but every time it hurts.
I just have to get past these first couple weeks where every workout hurts and takes some recovery time. Then it'll be easier. Right?

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