Friday, July 23, 2010

NYC Adventures

We left St. Thomas and headed north to New York City for a couple of days. We went there on a "date" back in October and wanted to return sometime when we could stay for longer than a few hours. We figured if we didn't do it right away, it might take ten years... so it became part of our honeymoon. We arrived late at night and had a delicious dinner at Junior's. YUM! If you ever go to NY, I highly recommend Junior's for dinner and cheesecake. Or just dinner. Or just cheesecake. I dream about their cheesecake, it's that good. (and I don't really even eat dessert.)

Now to the photos.
Here's the southeast corner of Central Park. The pond is kind of low...

There's a lake in the park (named "The Lake") where you can rent rowboats for an hour. Dave wasn't super pumped about this but still brought me for a ride.

The Mets got a new field last summer so we decided to head out to Queens to check it out. They played the Braves that day and won 3-0. It's a really nice field, a huge upgrade from Shea Stadium.

There's a new Forever 21 store in Times Square with this huge screen above it. Dave and I are in this picture - can you see us?

We checked out Bryant Park one evening and saw a couple get engaged. Kinda fun!

This is the inside of Federal Hall. I'd been outside before but never ventured in. I didn't realize there were exhibits inside. Lucky us, Alexander Hamilton was there and we got to listen to a speech by him.

If you've ever been to New York with me, you know a visit isn't quite complete without the Brooklyn Bridge. Sometimes it's from the pier or mall or sometimes it's a walk across (or halfway there and back...). Oh, how I love this bridge! It's definitely one of my favorite things about New York City.
We walked across to Brooklyn and found Grimaldi's, very well-known for their pizza. YUM!!!

Then we ventured to a park on the Brooklyn side with awesome views of the bridge. Wow!

It was so much fun to spend a few days in the city, walking around, no real agenda in mind.

What a great way to start our new life together :)

Next up, (hopefully!!!) some wedding pictures.

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