Monday, July 19, 2010

A Wonderful Week in St. Thomas

Here are some honeymoon pictures I promised.

We arrived in St. Thomas late at night and drove through the city to our hotel amidst the lights. Once we got to the resort, we were curious about our surroundings but everything looks different during the day so we had to wait.

We woke up in the morning to this sight from our balcony:

It was a beautiful day so we headed out to explore and make our way to the beach at the other end of the resort. On our way we found this waterfall.

We were pumped to see such a beautiful beach just a short walk from our room. The water in the Caribbean Sea was perfect and there were some good waves a few of the days.

On that first day we spent some more time figuring out our way around the resort and happened upon a few of these...

Here's some more of the resort.

We talked to some of the workers and found out there was a festival going on in St. John that day and there was going to be fireworks that evening. We spent most of July 4th in airports and in the air so we didn't see any fireworks so here was our chance.

On our way to St. John (a short ferry ride away) it started raining.
Once we got there it stopped for awhile and the sun came out. Here's Cruz Bay, St. John.
Unfortunately the rain didn't stay away for long and we decided not to spend hours in the rain waiting for the fireworks.

The next day we went on a day sail around St. Thomas, St. John, and other islands in the area.
It was oh so relaxing being on this little sailboat with 6 other people (including the crew), no motor running, and no itinerary in mind.

We stopped at Hawksnest Bay in St. John (part of the national park there) to snorkel, check out the beach, and eat lunch.

After the sail we checked out some of the town (Charlotte Amalie) and found this cool alley on our way to a really great restaurant.

The next day it was back to St. John! Except this time we took the ferry. It was so hot and humid that our camera was fogging up...

Trunk Bay, St. John. I had been here a few times before and it was every bit as beautiful as I remembered it.

The next day we relaxed more at our resort. We had spent the previous few days going to different places so it was nice to stay in one place.

Beachside dining at our resort. Yum!

On our last full day in St. Thomas we went on a dinner/sunset sail around the islands. This is at the marina, waiting to depart.
They sailed this one with up to 40 people but (lucky for us!) there were only 9 passengers the night we went!

Unfortunately we forgot to charge the battery for our camera so this was pretty much the only picture we got on the sailboat.

On our last day we went to the beach for a few more hours, then took the scenic trail back up to our room.
By the waterfall again.

One last picture on our fun, relaxing, wonderful Caribbean vacation.

Next up, Part 2 of our honeymoon :)

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