Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This is what we've been up to lately

When we got back from our trip we had to pack our bags again and head out of town for Dave's work. We've been in a suburb of Toronto since July 14th, although last weekend Dave had Sunday off so we went home for a night and got to visit with some people. That was really nice.

Besides that, we had a fire alarm one night at our hotel. and the following morning at 6:05am.

Niagara Falls is a short drive away so one evening after I finished the last of my schoolwork for the summer (Yea!!) we drove down there to check out the falls. I'd been there but just on the American side so I figured it was going to be cool checking them out from the Canadian side. If you've ever gone, the American side is a state park, there's free parking, trails to walk, etc. It's really nice. On the Canadian side, it's one big tourist trap. Tons of people, concrete, buildings, you have to pay for everything. So so busy.
I prefer the American side.

We've tried going to some parks around here but haven't been too successful. One night we wanted to go and throw a frisbee around but it would have cost $13 to get into the park.
Canada's a lot different than the U.S. Everything is so expensive!

We've found a couple of restaurants we like. We went to Rogers Centre on Monday evening and watched a Blue Jays game. They beat the Baltimore Orioles 9-5 and it was 80s night!! Made for some laughs.

The most American thing we've found here is Starbucks :) The prices aren't too much more expensive and it feels like you're in the states. I think I went there six or seven days in a row, just to read my book and do something while Dave was at work.

And now the best part: tomorrow's his last day! We get to go back home tomorrow!

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Yoga Raharja said...

Niagara falls...
I'd like to go there one day...
Thanks for sharing..