Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Monday

Things on my mind & on my list:
We started getting rid of our seasoning packets in favor of homemade spice combos & so far it has all been yummy! My next made-from-scratch foray will be into dressings. We've gotten sick of looking at food labels & seeing things we don't recognize as a spice or "whole" food. So many additives that I no longer welcome into my meat :) We've been talking about doing our own dressings for a few weeks now & today I got the "push" to go for it when we had taco salad. I usually use Western dressing on it but that has high fructose corn syrup as the #1 ingredient. Since I'm going corn-free, that was out. I also make a sweet pepper/tomato/onion salad to go on the taco salad. Unfortunately I partly season it with Italian dressing, and that also has hfcs and soybean oil. So tonight my taco salad was lettuce, ground turkey (seasoned with my homemade seasoning), and cheese. We also love to top it with corn chips (usually Nacho Cheese Doritos), but of course those are out. Not quite as exciting as usual. The one thing I can change is the dressings. I'll be getting on that this week!

Dave's starting to feel better. Whew! He's been pretty sick since the day after Christmas. I'm crossing my fingers that he continues to get healthier.

Unfortunately I'm not feeling well. :(

Aiden is still good!

I have a big milestone/day coming up really quickly. :/ I told Dave we need to live it up til then... Not sure what we're going to do. Hmmm.

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