Friday, January 4, 2013

So many thoughts

I have lots of thoughts going on in my head that I want to talk about, but its past midnight at home. And I'm not much of a phone person anyway. Here goes...
I've never made a New Years resolution before. Twenty-some years & I'm not about to change that. However, there are a few changes I am making for myself. Aiden is three months old & I'm not exactly happy with my post-pregnancy "shape," so I am going to do something about it. I recently was tested for food sensitivities. I should stay away from corn and soy because my body isn't really digesting either one, so that is one change. Dave and I always limit our wheat/gluten and we are going to continue that. Since Aiden was born, I have been into the sweets. I have to cut that out. And lastly, together Dave and I are going to do some kind of daily exercise. I started that one today, so we'll see how these 'ole muscles feel tomorrow.
I'm so good at making excuses inside my head about eating chocolate (my #1 go-to, feel-good food), and I need to stop that. There we go. Put all of that together and hopefully I will be happy with the results. I'm not big on striving for a number, but rather getting to a point where I will feel comfortable with how I look. (At the same time, though, I know approximately what number will make me feel good.)

Aiden is doing well. I've read babies generally should double their birth weight by 3 months. He was 7 lb, 4 oz at birth and now he's 14 lb, 9 oz. Pretty darn close!! He wasn't feeling so great last night & earlier today, but he's back to himself this evening.

Dave is sick :( and has been for over a week now. His fever went away & is back now. He also has a permanent headache & a cough. Since I've known him, he's never been this sick. I can't wait til he feels better!!

We were home for the holidays, and I had a chance to visit & catch up with some dear friends. I was so glad things worked out so well, seeing people.

Now if I still have any readers left on this blog, I'd like to wish you a happy, healthy, and positive 2013!
Any resolutions out there?

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