Friday, January 4, 2013


When we had Aiden in the hospital for so long after he was born, I felt like it was an introduction to motherhood (or parenthood). The past couple days I feel are another big indication of what life will be like sometimes as a mom. Aiden isn't sleeping at night, is really fussy/whiny, and I haven't really found anything I can do to comfort him. He seems warm and has a slight runny nose. On top of that...
Dave has been sick for over a week now. He had a fever for a few days, it went away, and now it's back. Along with that is a headache and chest congestion with a cough. Add to all of that, he's working a ten hour night shift these days. He's trying to sleep as much as possible so he can get better.

Oh, and we don't know anyone else in this town, so I'm on my own.


Sharyn said...

where do you live? I want to come rock and snuggle a baby. :)

If it's breathing that is making it hard to sleep - Vicks on the bottom of the feet does WONDERS.

If you believe/are interested in essential oils, I often used Gentle Baby or Lavender on my babies when they had tough nights sleeping. I can order and ship right to you if need be.

Hang in there!!!!

Sarah said...

Wow, does this sound familiar at the moment! Clara has had the same symptoms this week... Runny nose and slight fever. Her nights have been awful. I do the Vicks, like Sharyn said, and I was giving her Tylenol at night because I thought she might be teething... Now I think it's just a form of what's going around. The worst of it seems to have passed after three days. Hopefully he is on the mend soon too!

But, yeah, it stinks when babies get sick. Not only is it hard not to worry, but every little routine you had goes upside down and it seems like it will last forever. :( Nights are always the worst too... Seems like symptoms are worse and my worries increase.

Hang in there, though! I hope he's feeling better soon and sleeping better again so you can get rest and not get sick yourself! Take care!

Sarah said...

Also, do you have a humidifier? I run that in the bedroom.

Karen AMH said...

Sharyn, I'm about 6 hours from you in Illinois... About 1.5 hours from anyone we know. I have Lavender but I'm pretty new to oils. Should I dilute it with a carrier oil (& what ratio)? Thank you!!

Karen AMH said...

Sarah, thank you! I hope Clara feels better soon! I was supposed to take a humidifier from my mom's when we left the other day but I forgot. Shoot.