Saturday, February 7, 2015

Belated Friday Favorites

We were traveling and busy all day Friday so I didn't get a chance to post. 

I just wanna say, I have a new FAVORITE! And I can hardly believe I'm typing this. 

First of all, check out this selfie I took the other day...

Yes, that's coffee in my hand. And no, it's not Starbucks!!! 

Caribou Coffee's Dark Chocolate Mint Condition is my new favorite coffee drink. 
Serious YUM in this cup! 

Since I discovered the deliciousness that is a mocha, I've loved Starbucks. That was back in '06 when I was living in Connecticut and going to NYC every weekend. First I discovered mochas, specifically their peppermint mocha. Mmmm mmmm! Fast forward about six months... Its a hot muggy NYC day in early July and my friend Sarah and I are spending one last afternoon at Starbucks before saying goodbye. (She was moving.) the sign out front said something about a raspberry mocha frappuccino. I decided to be super daring and try it, with Sarah's encouragement. It was so so soooooo good!! I finished it and since we had another 45 minutes til we had to say goodbye, I ordered a second one. It was THAT good! #noshame haha!

Ok, so my love of Starbucks continued on for about eight years... Until one day I wanted coffee, had two boys with me, and the Starbucks didn't have a drive thru. Caribou Coffee, less than half a mile away, had a drive thru. So I tried it. It was good. Tried it again a couple weeks later. Yum! Then one day this past week I was craving coffee something and Caribou Coffee Dark Chocolate Mint Condition was my first thought. I drove right past Starbucks to get that mocha. It's just delicious! I think the thing that takes it over the top is the dark chocolate. Try one :)  

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Annie said...

.........and I am so 'vanilla' (blah!) that all I can hack is regular black coffee! I love the smell of all the specialties but have never found a flavor that I like! Dark Chocolate Mint Condition sounds so decadent!!