Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where We Live

So.... This place has been our home for the last six months. We travel to different cities in the US for Dave's work at auto plants. Mostly we stay in hotels because we never know how long we'll be somewhere. There have been times when he's gotten a phone call in the morning and found out that was the last day there. So we pack up and move on to the next job. 

Last week we moved from the second floor to the first. It's so much easier getting out with the boys while Dave is at work if we are on the first floor. I took that opportunity to take some photos without all of our stuff. In this first photo, I'm standing in the kitchen looking toward the living room and French doors. 

Here I'm standing by the couch. Our little kitchen. You can kind of see the fridge in the corner there, and there's two electric burners on the countertop next to it. I am able to do some cooking with that, but I mostly use a crock pot and griddle. 

Standing in the doorway looking in the bedroom. 

And standing by the window looking through the bedroom into the bathroom. 

Our little 300sq ft home :)

I'm ready to leave this place. And we haven't gotten any of those phone calls about being done. We've been here a long time and had lots of fun times, but I'm ready to move on! 
It's been a good home for us for a year and a half. We've been able to travel home quite a bit. We've seen lots of Tigers games. We've had some company. We've explored the area. 
We are getting some company next week (!!!)  and after they leave, I'm ready for a phone call ;) 


Heidi said...

Fun to be getting company! Who is coming?

Karen said...

I sent you a private message :)

Annie said...

Have so much fun with your company!!!