Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Recap:: Super Bowl Edition

We had another busy weekend of staying home and making the most of what we have here. It was 70 and gorgeous out last Wednesday and over the weekend it got colder, the rain came, the rain turned to slush and to snow, and on Sunday we got several inches of snow. Needless to say, I didn't feel like going anywhere by myself with these two guys, so we stayed home. 

We did some fun things around here, like go swimming! 

I needed a little break, so I gave both boys their pluggies and nigh-nigh blankies and told Aiden to read books to Anders. It worked, you guys!! I got ten minutes out of this!

While the boys napped on Friday and Saturday, I studied this plan and figured out how much paint we needed for each room. I also finished figuring out the color for each room. It's so exciting! Drywall is all done and we will have color up this week!! :) :) 

Saturday was my mom's birthday. Sadly we did not see her, but we definitely FaceTimed her! This photo was from Halloween. My lil puppy and skeleton visiting Grandma at work. :) 

When Aiden woke up from his nap on Saturday I asked him what he wanted to do. Go for a walk? -no. Go for a drive? -no. Go swimming? Yes! Ok, bud, let's go swimming! 
Unfortunately there were lots of loud tween boys in the pool and it was way too scary for Aiden and Anders. We didn't even get to get our toes wet. 

Aiden loves putting things in rows and figuring out how things go together. Here he is showing me some sippie cups that he put together. He put a toy inside each one, put the sippie top on, and put the cover on the top. He was so proud! :) 

When Dave got home, we definitely relaxed! 

And played some fun games! 

This happened on Sunday morning and my heart just about melted. Aiden found two trucks from the same set, gave one to Anders and they played together. :) well, as much as a 2 year old and 6.5 month old can play together! 

Later I asked Aiden to hold Anders for a minute. Anders had a better idea... He saw a toy he wanted and rolled right out of there! 

Aiden tried out his brother's exersaucer. He lasted several minutes longer than I thought he would! 

My sister Heidi sent this out and asked who wanted to join her... I went for it! I only did it for the first half but boy, was it a workout! Especially all the lunges! There were LOTS if first downs in that first quarter. Today I am sore! 

Our menu was white pizza dip with chips, pop, wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, and chicken pad Thai. Talk about yummy!! 

Aiden loved the chicken pad Thai! We've never given it to him before, thinking it is too spicy for him. He couldn't get enough of it! Haha :) I guess he is our boy. We should've figured... :) 

Anders didn't make it to the end of the game. He fell asleep in his football jammies before the excitement of the last couple minutes. 
What a fun game to watch! And a fun party with just the four of us. :)

Happy Monday! 


Heidi said...

Once again a fun post! I love all the pictures and reading about your daily life! I'm feeling it from all those lunges too!

Karen said...

Thanks! And thanks for reading and leaving comments :)

Annie said...

I just read your post Karen! I'm still mad at myself for falling asleep in the third quarter of the game. Missed all the excitement! I love the pictures and the daily news from your family!