Friday, June 29, 2007

31 days!

Hey all, I realized today that I'm moving home in 31 days! Wow! It's exciting!
I have a new cellphone, so I'm doing much better this week. Life is so much better when I can keep in touch with you all!
It almost feels like I didn't go home for St. Johns -- it was so quick! But then again, I got in some good talks and times with lots of people, so I made the short time worthwhile. :)

This Sunday my friends and I are going into the city for our last day together. We all start leaving in about a week (well, for vacations and stuff, so it's the last full day all 5 of us will be together, probably forever). We are all getting the I heart NY shirts, and we're going to go around the city and take pictures at all of our regular spots, and most of the tourist spots. We're getting mostly group shots, but we all decided on one place or thing in the city that is "ours" or reminds each other of us. So we're going to take individual pics at those places. Mine is the Brooklyn Bridge, Tamara's is a bagel shop, Sarah's is Saks Fifth Avenue, Ellen's is St. Patrick's Cathedral, and Katharina is going to hold a map upside down (she's indecisive). So it's going to be a fun day (we'll be tourists in the city again!!), but kind of bittersweet knowing it's the last day with all 5 of us. I was getting a little sad the other day, thinking that I'm only going to the city a couple more times. It's strange because it has become such a familiar place for me, and I'll be leaving it soon not knowing when I'll ever return.

We watched a really big thunderstorm over the Sound the other night. It was awesome -- tons of lightning!

I'm going to start going through my things and throwing out whatever I don't really need... I have to try to consolidate everything so that it fits when I have to pack it to move home.

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