Monday, June 4, 2007


I can't believe I haven't written about him on here yet!
Tamara and I woke up extra early (this is becoming a regular weekly thing) on Friday and took the train into the city. We got to Bryant Park by ~6:40, and got in line. Almost immediately, a guy approached us and gave us one VIP ticket that he couldn't use... so I took it and got in the VIP line and scored us a FRONT ROW spot!!!! Tamara waited in the regular line and came up to the front when she got in. So we had like the best spot in the whole park!!! We made signs this time. Mine said Michigan (hearts) DAUGHTRY. David gave me an idea for the back of the sign, so he can take all the credit for it. It said "Brandon Inge is my Tiger." :) I got lots of questions about that, so I got to talk about the Detroit Tigers to some NYC people!

We got to watch the warm-up for about 30 minutes! Then the actual concert was about 30 minutes, too. He sang Home, Over You, and It's Not Over.
Here's the best part: when it was all over, he came and gave autographs!!!! So he signed my sign. :) and I got to shake his hand! :) Lucky we were in the front row!!
Mom and Maria both said they saw me on tv.

Tamara and I talked to some Army soldiers (stationed at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn) at the concert. I found out something really interesting. The New York METS support the military. They are always giving the soldiers there tickets to the games, and recognizing them and everything. Not so for the Yankees. They don't acknowledge them in any way. Yet another reason to have no respect for that team.

After the concert, we met up with Katharina and her parents. Her parents were on their way to the airport to rent a car to travel around for a bit. Then Tamara, Katharina, and I decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge!! I thoroughly enjoyed that experience! and I took lots of photos. We had heard about a really good pizza place in Brooklyn, so we found it and had our first Brooklyn-style pizza. Yum!!


Haley said...

I think I saw your sign!

Brita said...

So Karen ~ Daughtry tops my list of people you have seen to date! :) Lucky girl, that's all I can say. I would LOVE to see him in a full concert if you are ever looking for someone to go with, I'm a phone call away ;) He must have melted your heart, what a cutie. Anyway, glad to hear you are keeping as busy as ever!!