Wednesday, July 18, 2007

12 days to go!!

It's almost time! I'm really starting to do things for the last time... but actually I should let y'all know that we ended up going to the METS game on Sunday. They beat the Cincinnati Reds 5-2 (no, Ken Griffey, Jr did not play --- sadly), and we had a GREAT time! It was military appreciation day, so there were lots of festivities and we got free hats! It was such an enjoyable day at Shea Stadium. You can see the construction of their new park (Citi Field) right next door. Next year is the last year for SHEA. As we were walking in, I told Tamara and Sarah that the Tigers' third baseman Brandon Inge is my favorite player... and wondered aloud who the METS 3rd baseman is. I quickly found out that it's David Wright and he's really good, too. So he became my favorite Mets player. :)

Sarah, K, Tamara at SHEA

I've gone into the city three days in a row now (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday). On Sunday was the Mets game, Monday I went in with Sarah to say goodbye (she's gone to the Hamptons for a month) and go shopping. I ended up meeting up with Marcy and the boys at ESPNZone later and taking the train back with them. Then yesterday I took two of the boys into the city for some sight-seeing. We went to the Empire State Building and just walked around midtown. It's a whole different experience looking at the city from above when you know where everything is. The first couple of times I went up there (in 2000 and 2003), it was just a bunch of buildings, streets, cars, and people. Now I look around and know which streets I'm looking at and which buildings are which. Kind of cool!

It's a rainy day today, which is kind of nice. It's the first one of the summer for us (it has rained in the evenings before, but no all-day rains), so I'm enjoying it! We might take the boys to an I-MAX film, but we'll see.

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