Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I took two of the boys into the city today for some adventures... We went to Eric's office (REALLY cool!! He has a corner office on the 31st floor of his building -- with views of Central Park and the George Washington Bridge!), then we went for lunch to Serendipity. This was one thing that has been on my list since the first day I arrived (October 25, to be exact), and I finally made it! It was really cool, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is going to be in NYC -- for dessert. They are famous for their Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate -- and it's unbelievable! :) Soooo good! The restaurant itself is unlike any I've seen before. Check out their website to get an idea:

Then we walked over to the Central Park Zoo. I had heard that it's pretty cool, but it didn't really meet my expectations. I mean, it's a zoo... but a pretty small one. We saw the entire thing in less than 40 minutes.

Katharina's back in town from an 18 day trip to Hawaii. LUCKY girl! :) I got to see her pictures yesterday, and now I would love to go there! It looks gorgeous!

Sarah's in the Hamptons for the next month. And she met Steven Spielberg!

Tamara just spent 3.5 days camping in Maine. She invited me, but I decided against it since I'm leaving so soon.

AND Ellen just got back from a week-long vacation visiting a friend in Canada. So everyone has been on some cool adventures lately. I guess I'm included in that "everyone" -- even though my adventures have all been to the city... 5 times in 8 days!

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