Friday, July 20, 2007

Theme Songs

I have a couple of them right now. Everytime HOME by Daughtry comes on the radio I feel like it's for me :) since I'm going home soon! (Plus I got to hear him sing it in person.) And the other day I heard the song (actually I'm not sure what it's called) with the lyrics "thanks for the memories..." and I feel like it's mine right now too! So think of me when you hear those songs.
August is already filling up with events and random things going on! I feel like it's already half gone, and it doesn't start for almost two more weeks! I'm getting very excited...
We may go to a water park on Monday with the boys. I have a feeling this last week is going to be very busy -- there's a lot of things Marcy wants to do. So I've been packing a little every day -- I don't want to leave it for the last day and have packing anxiety (something I've developed over the past year).
I CAN HARDLY WAIT to see you all!!

Tonight we're going to the beach club for a barbeque! I think I may go swimming in the Sound, but we'll see. It's kind of gross (not that clean, plus it's rocky), but maybe it'll be nice where we're going.

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