Saturday, December 6, 2008


Liz and I have been talking about dreams a lot lately. Whenever she has a really vivid dream (and remembers it in the morning), part of it usually comes true. Well the other night she had one, and so she's wondering which part of it's going to come true. That same night I had a dream that I lost my job (so I was trying to find part-time jobs at any local school district, hoping that I could get two or three and it'd add up to full-time), and last night I dreamed that someone stole my camera. So I lost my job and my camera within two nights, and I'm counting on neither of those dreams coming true!

Hope those of you who are up here are enjoying the cold and snow and wind and drifts! 'Tis the season :)

And on that note, ten days of school until break!

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Mary B. said...

Well I sure hope dreams don't come true because if they did, my house would've burned down about 20 times and I'd be dead(yes, I dreamed that I was dead). But on the bright side, I'd have traveled the world, I'd have a little sister, and I'd be rich!