Sunday, December 14, 2008

Five more days

Five more days until my first big break!
1. The Holocaust in US History.
2. States projects in Civics.
3. Justice System Simulation in Government
4. World Religions in World History (we're going to learn about the different festivals and celebrations each religion has -- groups of two students have different religions and they're in charge! Friday we're going to celebrate Christmas all together.)
5. Field trip in Local History on Wednesday. I'm still not sure what I got myself into, if this is a good idea or not....

Then SIXTEEN days off!!!
I have a list for those days, too... I'm planning on working on about five days and hopefully getting a LOT done on each day, so I can actually have eleven days off. That would be simply amazing!

What's your favorite Christmas song? Mine's Hark the Herald. It's been in and out of my head for the past month or so -- on a daily basis. Still haven't sung it in church yet, but hopefully soon!

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Heather said...

my favorite is old time Christmas by either george strait or allen jackson, and the Christmas guest always makes me cry and gives me tingles(don't tell anyone) :,)