Friday, December 12, 2008


Okay, so I noticed on a couple of people's blogs that I was tagged... I've never taken part in one of these, so here goes. Six things I haven't written about on here.

1. When it comes to my work, I'm a perfectionist. Sort of. I want to be the best possible, even if it means sacrificing my personal life. :S I was never a perfectionist in school, life, anything before I had a certain job in college. Since then, I want to be the best. Ack, I know that's not good, but it drives me.

2. I take showers, get dressed, clean, rearrange, find things, and lose things -- all while I'm sleeping. I'm not one of those "go to bed at night and wake up in the morning" kind of people.

3. I don't eat things with (added) sugar in them. Natural sugar is fine. It's the added stuff that gets me. I had headaches all last winter -- migranes and regular headaches 4 or 5 times a week. Some other problems, too. So I cut out sugar and --dwell-ah! -- no more headaches!!!

4. I'm proper (apparently). I just asked my little sis Julie what not very many people know about me and she said that.

5. I'm a morning person. This one still surprises me, but I do my best work in the morning. and if I have something that requires a lot of concentration or lots of energy, I have to do it in the morning. Mind you, I don't like waking up early. It's just that when I do -- that's when I do my best work.

6. I don't have a lot of confidence in myself, nor do I have a good self-image. This gets worse as I get older. :S

There you go! That was tough; not things I usually talk about or tell people, but there they are... Whew -- deep breath before I click "Publish"


Amy L said...

you are a sweet heart, too. And the confidence thing, I think that lots of people struggle with that - myself included depending largely on where my hormones are in that moment. I know that you are a sweet and wonderful friend.
Proper... hmmmm Julie must know!! Not saying that you are not, but there are other traits that I would have picked. But proper is good.

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Karen--see, isn't it fun to let it out. I love keeping in touch with you with the blog things. It takes so much courage to be in CT and with your first teaching job. Love ya!

Katie said...

I love the sleeping one... Not that it's a great thing for you but it brings back memories- like the duct tape in your room.... Are you sure that wasn't you?

Karen AMH said...

Amy, you're such a sweetheart!
Jen, I'm living back in MI now :)
Katie, I've been thinking over the past couple of days and I don't remember the duct tape incident...