Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday night gift-exchange

Heather, Liz, Leanne and I exchanged names a month or so ago and we had a little Christmas party on Friday night to give our gifts and spend some time together during this busy season.

After being convinced for about 2 minutes, Heather LOVED her sleeping bag!

and had to try out all of the cool features

and spent the rest of the evening/night in it!

We had a blast watching Leanne open her gift.
What a smile!! Now she's embarrassed, but I don't remember why!

I think this is where I told her to smell the tissue. She sniffed it, then told me that's a good joke... haha... except it was supposed to smell pepperminty. Hmmm.

Liz was sitting right next to me so I didn't get any really good ones of her opening her gift.
Here she is trying to read the ribbon on her box. After about ten words like merry, joyful, peace, etc.... we asked her to get on with it.

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