Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lots of food, laughs, and gifts

We had a ladies get-together with the aunts and older cousins on the L side of the family yesterday evening. This is always one of my favorite parties of the year. Always lots of laughs and the great feeling of togetherness!
Here are some (in no particular order) of my favorites from the night.



Everybody, including Mutty. This was a self-timer sitting on a stool behind a couch. Not the best, but at least no one's heads are chopped off, right?

Can't remember what Judy's doing here...

Janet made it!!

Wesley was the only boy there... he got lots of attention :)

Mutty liked to snuggle. He's behind Susie in this picture, making friends with me. (13 days until she gets married to Roger P!)

We exchange names for garage sale gifts. Kristin had my mom and everytime they went garage sale-ing together, Kristin would secretly buy the things my mom said she liked... My mom was quite surprised!!!

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