Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bad judgement/I don't do mud

I think I learned my lesson this time.
For some reason when I see things raised from the ground I like to get on them and jump off... today a couple of my friends and I were exporing in the woods by a waterfall and I saw a tree that was uprooted down a hill and the trunk/base of it was sticking up like three feet. So I decided to jump off. My problem is I didn't check out the landing area before I jumped... and didn't think about the extra couple feet up I was jumping.

It was going great until I landed on a downward sloping sandy/rocky area. on my knee and hands.

Left me a little light-headed and with a massive knee.

and muddy pants/boots.
I've jumped off of things before and missed landings but none hurt quite this bad. Makes a girl feel young (and kind of stupid) again...

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Anonymous said...

Its a sweet picture of you jumping! hsh