Sunday, September 20, 2009


I love rock piles. I'm not sure why; maybe it's because I have some great memories of playing on them when I was younger (middle school at Tina's house). Does anyone else have a feeling one way or another about them? I've been asking people lately (recently I noticed that some are disappearing) what they think about rockpiles and I've been getting different thoughts.

Tonight Heather and I went out to a rock pile and took in the surroundings. It was a beautiful night, some great views, and totally relaxing. Pretty awesome.

On our way to the rockpile we contemplated going to the lake to watch the sunset but settled for checking it out as we were driving down the highway.

I've been thinking about quitting my blog. I just haven't felt like updating lately. I've gone through spurts like this before and come back to it so I guess I decided to keep it and see if I come back around.
School's been good. Like I mentioned before, completely different than last year. I get to see the sun and I'm not living in my classroom. I have a more balanced life than all of last year so life is good! There are definitely challenges that I have to work through but there's going to be some every single year I'm a teacher. I'm still getting used to having homework again. I enjoy learning and I liked being a student so it's okay. Just something new to get used to.
That's all. Pretty boring, I know.

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Sarah said...

Don't QUIT! Even if you don't update that frequently- niether do I- I enjoy reading it when you do!!! Keeps me up to date with your life when I don't see you for long stretches. : )