Monday, September 28, 2009

Reminder of last year

Today reminded me of how I felt last year every day. I'm thankful it's only the first time this has happened. I got home around 6:45 (early by last year's standards), with my brain completely fried.

I don't handle stress really well and I was completely stressed out today. I wasted over an hour on a problem that I didn't end up fixing. ergh. Plus I'm struggling with some lesson plans for next week and I'm starting some duties for an advising role that I picked up this year.
It's probably not a coincidence that it's cold and dreary out today but I've been looking forward to these cool temperatures. My classroom feels like a furnace on those 60-70-80 degree days so today was a very welcome relief from that.

On a positive note: two problems I asked multiple times to get fixed last year have gotten fixed within the last week! A screw on my projector screen was loose last year and pretty much every time I pulled it down it got looser. I asked a few times to get it fixed, to no avail. This year the students started getting worried that it was going to fall on me (or them) so they started asking the maintenance people to fix it (so did I). One of our maintenance men came and when he pulled it down, it fell on top of him. (not really on top of him - he caught it before it hit him)
Another computer issue was fixed sometime since I left work on Friday. :)

Monday, Monday, Monday. Almost over. Whew.

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Anonymous said...

and now its friday!! :) i hope you have a good weekend in mackinaw city, relaxing, or not having to think about school!