Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here's to you, Ellen!

I've mentioned this before, but here goes again. Ellen's leaving on Saturday. Mind you, I haven't seen her since I left in July. But still. She's leaving. She's been in Connecticut since last February -- and this whole time I've been home, I know she's over there, doing her thing in CT. That if only I hopped on a couple of planes for a couple of hours, I could see her. Now she's going to be gone, back to Europe, to the Netherlands, to her town with 7 (?) houses. Actually, I think it's a few more -- like 12 or 13. I know how you're feeling, Ellen. To be so excited to go home. To be sad to leave everyone behind. To be anxious to just get back to your family and friends from home. To wonder if you'll ever see some people again. To be nostalgic about all of the adventures you had. To think about living in your own home again. To wonder if you'll ever have the excitement again that you had discovering all of the sweet new things on the East Coast.

So, this one's for you, ELLEN!
* I met you for the first time at your house -- Tamara, Katharina, and I came over to visit for a bit.
* Going to the beach at the Cove
* Fireworks!! at your house
* My first impression of you: you look like Michelle Williams
* We're both old! :)
* Laughing on the streets of Philadelphia
* You remind me of me :)
* When we were all leaving in the summer, you still had so much to look forward to: going to Canada, your parents coming, the changing seasons, then going home for Christmas
* Lots of movies remind me of you -- especially Pirates
* I saw a monster when we slept at Katharina's. hmmmmmmm...
* My last Thursday night coffee night. We were going to wear our matching shirts and get a picture together to see how much we really looked like each other. Neither of us wore the shirt, and I looked at the picture the other day. I don't think we look like each other.

I miss you, honey! I'm also so excited that you get to go home to your family and friends -- and jealous that you get to see Tamara soon.

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