Thursday, December 6, 2007


The University I graduated from publishes a magazine four times each year and sends it to their alumni to let them know what is going on at the University. I always enjoy skimming through it, checking out what has been going on since I graduated. Well, the winter edition came today, and I picked it up, anxious to see the latest big things.

The first thing I saw hit me unexpectedly. It was a photo and short message with the title
2005 Alumnus Dies in Afghanistan. It wasn't the headline that grabbed me -- rather it was the photo. It's a student I went to school with -- he was in my orientation group on my very first day of college, and we had various courses together throughout the four years we were both there. I knew him.

I read the short article, and saw that he died at the end of July. There were few details, only a couple of quotes from faculty/staff members at the University who knew him and memorial services for him were held at Arlington National Cemetary.

Some days we kind of forget that the war is still going on. Or it's waaaaay in the back of our minds. Unless someone we love is there. I feel guilty for not being a more active citizen when it comes to supporting our troops.
Opening the magazine and seeing his photo brought back so many memories. I cannot imagine what his family is feeling -- especially with the holidays fast approaching.
Take a moment in your busy life this holiday season and say a prayer for all of the soldiers and their families. We really are lucky to be Americans!

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