Friday, December 21, 2007

This 'n That

I wore my (ugly) Christmas sweater to school on Monday... and did I ever get some looks!! Students were just staring at me! Especially when I would walk around and the bells would ring. My brother's girlfriend walked in and burst out laughing. She couldn't even look at me without laughing, and she asked if everyone had the same reaction. No one else said anything so I'm thinking maybe they thought I was serious. :) It was a fun day in the sweater!

Leanne's gone home for Christmas, and Marcia's on her way home! Sally will be in a couple of days. It feels good to not have the stress of traveling this holiday season. I had quite the experience last year, so I feel for anyone who has to put up with airports and bad weather trying to get home this year. GOOD LUCK!

I'm on break! That's one great thing about working in education. There's still such thing as "Christmas (or Holiday) Break" (along with Spring Break and Summer Vacation). No work until January 2nd! and then it's only 17 days until another vacation -- in the Caribbean. :)

Happy Shortest Day of the Year! The best part about it -- the days are getting longer!! The darkest day of winter will be gone soon -- tomorrow, to be exact.

Tamara and Ellen are getting together this weekend. LUCKY girls!


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