Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Life just continues to be busy!!
I had a superb birthday the other day! It was probably my best ever, because of the togetherness -- first with my family (everyone who lives around here came over for dinner and cake & ice cream), then with my friends (I got to visit Kelly, Scott, Addy, and BEN -- what a cutie!!!!, then Liz and Leanne came over for cake and ice cream, then Monday night girls at Heidi and Diane's) and I only had to work half a day, too. What a great day!!! It's so fun to get lots of birthday messages, too :) thanks!

We're experiencing a true blizzard -- have been for the past 24 hours or so. As long as you don't have anywhere to be, it's pretty nice. We're all just cozy-ing up inside, taking saunas, eating bakery.

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