Saturday, January 12, 2008

Full planning mode!

I am in full vacation planning mode right now!! we'll be on our way in just one week, so I guess I figured it's time to get organized. I started researching different beaches in St. Maarten, and they are looking gorgeous! We have to decide if we want:

  • Calm waters, peaceful, not many people, no amenities (ie nowhere to eat), a couple of water sports
  • Calm waters, busy beach, shopping, nice and long for a good walk, a boardwalk
  • Small (no walks), calm, parasailing and snorkeling
  • Big waves (surfing/body surfing), secluded, no amenities, no shade
  • In the path of airplanes... literally! This beach is just beyond the end of a runway. I think it would be cool to see one or two planes land so close, but hardly my idea of a relaxing beach day!
  • Waves, caves to explore, good snorkeling, shade available, some amenities

BIG decisions! :) the kind I don't mind making!

We are also going to St. Thomas (already have plans for this stop -- I've been there before) and San Juan, PR. I think we're going to go to Old San Juan to check out the history (I'm really excited for that!), and maybe head to the beach. We'll see. We are all getting so excited! I'm almost finished packing -- just have to toss in a few more things. YEA for vacations!


Heidi said...

I haven't even started to pack yet! I'm kind of thinking parasailing sounds fun, but shopping and beaches sound fun too, as does body surfing!

Heidi said...

also do we have to do anything more before we leave with the cruise aspect? any registering?

Katie said...

Have fun! I have the itch to go somewhere so badly...