Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites: February Vacations

The last two Februarys, we have gone on great vacations with some of our families. They were some of my favorite vacations! I've been dreeeeaming about a warm weather vacation lately, but we don't have anything planned yet. It's up in the air right now because we have tentative plans for a move to a cool new state coming up next month. If that falls through, though, we will definitely head to Florida before too long! Since I've been thinking so much about warm weather vacations lately, these two trips are my Friday Favorites this week. 

Two years ago, we went to Orlando to bring some special boys to a very special place!  Here's a photo of the group. We got a penthouse condo very close to Disney World. This was our outside patio. 

Such a fun day at Magic Kingdom! 

And at Animal Kingdom! 

I just looooove this photo of 2 year old Coltie! Holding on tight :) 

With baby Aiden at Animal Kingdom. 

Again at Animal Kingdom. Aiden was four months old for this trip. He traveled great and was so easy to take on this trip. 
That trip to Florida was so much fun! We were there for a week. We went to Disney World for two days, the beach one day, and spent the rest of the days relaxing by one of the pools at the resort complex. February is a great time for Disney World. We didn't have big lines anywhere so we got to do everything we wanted in both parks. 

Last year we went on a cruise with some of my family and some of Dave's family. I couldn't find all of my pictures, but here's a few nice ones :) 

I've seriously been dreaming of a beach like this. Dreaming day and night of the warmth and relaxation. And quality time. This was in Nassau, Bahamas and the beach was much nicer than we expected. 

Back when we were a family of three. I was five months along with Anders at this point. It was a really good time to go on a cruise. (It was the last week I could go. They don't allow women who are 24 or more weeks pregnant on the ship.) I was over most of the nausea and wasn't too tired out. Again, dreaming of this! 

Look how cute!! Aiden was 17 months old and seriously charmed everyone where ever we went. Some of the servers on the ship called him Meeester Aiden. They looked for him every morning so they could say hi. He was the star! 

Definitely in charge ;) 

I'm realizing these pictures are out of order, but here's Port Canaveral as we were leaving. The breeze was chilly that day so Aiden had to wear a hat. This was on the deck on the front of the ship, right outside our rooms. 

Some of our travel partners! A family of three, and little did they know baby Shandi would arrive less than a year later! Braedy was a fun travel companion to have. 

In St Thomas, we decided to go to Magen's Bay. We had heard about it a lot and never made it there on several previous trips. It was glorious! 
Our group of fourteen really split up in St Thomas. Dave's dad became sick on the ship the day before we arrived in St Thomas, so Dave and Pril brought John to the hospital on St Thomas. We were really hoping it wasn't major and he wouldn't have to stay in the hospital there. Lucky it turned out okay and everyone was back on the ship by the end of the day. 

This day was Jim and Lynne's 8th Anniversary, so they did an excursion by themselves (Braedy came with us to the beach). 

Gary, Joanne, Anna, and my mom went sailing around St Thomas and St John and got to go snorkeling too! What a dream! 

Our final stop was in St Maarten where most of us went to the beach together. This was at the port after spending the day at the beach. (I look super tall!)

One of the last nights was a formal night. Here's the best photo we could manage with our lil guy. (His eye-teeth popped through during the cruise. He only had one fussy night precluding the eruption of the teeth, so that wasn't bad at all. I only now remember that because he's sticking his fingers in his mouth in this photo.) 

Here's one photo of the whole group! We ate dinner together every night in the dining room. We had the biggest table and we were front and center! We thoroughly enjoyed these meals. The company, conversation, and food were all great! 

Definitely my favorite memories of the last two Februarys. 


Heidi said...

My favorite memories of the last two Februarys too!! I've just been dreaming of these vacations and counting down the days until Florida this year (62)!

Karen said...

So many good memories!!! So so so awesome you guys are going to Florida!

Annie said...

Dreamy vacations!! It was all so fun!

Dave K. said...

Jeany to vacation in KC in February 😏

Dave K. said...

Want to....oops :(

Karen said...

"Vacation"? Hmmmmmm... Maybe we could vacation in MI in February this year.