Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday Link-Up:Organization

Andrea at www.Momfessionals.com came up with some fun blog post ideas for every other Tuesday. Today's is all about organization. 

I don't have a good set-up yet, but I've been thinking a lot about this topic. We are moving into our new house soon, and I've been very deliberate about planning my organization in the new house. If something doesn't have a place, it's not making the move. 

I found an excellent article about organization and de-cluttering. It's HERE if  you want to read it. 

I really like how she says to take everything out so it's right in front of you. Let your over abundance of things (clothes!!!) overwhelm you. Then you'll be ready to get rid of things. 

In the new house we have a fairly small walk-in closet. I'm going to have to be super organized with what I'm wearing/not wearing and constantly be changing things out based on size (pg-related) and season. 

When my kids are too young to dress themselves, their clothes will go in the laundry room (on the main floor). When they learn to dress themselves, the clothes will go upstairs in their closets. 

The two biggest questions I have about organization have to do with diapers/wipes (where do you keep them when you always need them to be close by???) and MAIL. We are do bad about mail. What's a good system for us to use? 

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Annie said...

I have been thinking about where our mail will go at Wallaby! I've never been good at organizing anything but the mail is my biggest headache!!