Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Christmas Randoms

This is very belated, so I decided I'd wait for today and call it a "Throwback Thursday" post. I began blogging again after the new year, so I don't have these photos on this blog. 

Suuuuper random recap. I've been realizing I need to take more photos because we did a lot of things over our two weeks at home and I only have photos of a few of em. 

Our first Christmas tree since 2011! Can you believe it?! When I was decorating, I kept dreaming about next year when we'll be decorating in the new house. I can't wait to go all out!! 

Four babies on Dave's side of the family born in 2014. 

Our neighbors came over to visit and play with Aiden a few times. So fun to have friends next door! 

Christmas Eve party at my mom and dad's. It was a fun, relaxing evening full of kids, good food, gifts, and games. LOVE! 

Grandma and Grabdpa with the grand kids who were there. Can you say boys?!! :) 

My two sweetie pies on Christmas morning. Aiden loved it all! 

A few days after Christmas, I had some nieces over for a little party. Our first party in the new house... No drywall or floors but oh well! Plenty of room for everyone :) 

Anders and Daniel were born six days apart. 

Boys boys boys!! 

Uncle Bruce held Anders a lot! He has the touch :) 

Anders got lots of attention. Maria is the baby in her family so she doesn't get to hold babies very often. 

Another little get-together at my mom and dad's. 

Dave was supposed to leave early Monday morning. The flight was cancelled so he was rescheduled for Monday afternoon. There was a big storm, so that flight was also cancelled. On his way home from the airport, he stopped and picked these up for me. :)
What a beautiful arrangement and wow, I was surprised when he walked in the door! 
I never would've thought to put tulips - such a spring flower - with Christmas/wintery greens. They go together so beautifully! 

We spent lots of time reading and being together as a family of four. 

Overall, a wonderful family-filled holiday season. We are so lucky! 


Heidi said...

Fun throwback! Crazy that this was a month ago already!

Annie said...

How fun to look back and remember!!