Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Recap:: We Stayed Home Edition

This weekend was full of sitting at home playing with Aiden and Anders while Dave worked like crazy. He just started a month straight of 12s with no days off. 

So here's what we did while Dave worked. 

I watched Chicago Fire on my laptop. 

Anders spends a lot of time in his jammies and a lot of time in my lap. He's rolling all over the room these days and eating lots of baby food. He smiles like crazy!! 

Big brother, so proud to hang with his baby. :) 

Aiden loves these vtech go-go smart wheels tracks and vehicles. Keeps him busy for hours & hours! Anders likes his stroller. 

Aiden loves when Dad gets home, especially when he reads books! 

Here's Aiden doing some tummy time with Anders. He loves hanging out with his little brother!! 

Have a great week! I have a feeling we'll be doing lots of all these things all week long over here. 


Heidi said...

Wesley is so impressed with Aiden's track!

Karen said...

:) Glad Wesley saw the photos!!

Heidi said...

Wesley, Colton and I looked at them many times! I love them all!!

Annie said...

The boys look so happy and they're having so much fun! You capture great expressions !

Karen said...

Thanks, Mom!